Hitide Glassworks

Rise With The Tide

Hightide Glassworks = Community

Hitide Glassworks is a side project of world-renowned glass blower Chris Hurley. The mission of Hitide Glassworks is to bring like-minded glass blowers together to collaborate and elevate the liquid filled vessel.

Chris perfected the liquid filled technique used in all liquid (vortex) pieces in the late 90's when he was coming into his own as an artistic glass blower. He shelved the technique to focus on his other projects but came back to it in 2008 when he was contacted by a customer who asked if he could bring this type of piece back. The first order sold out in less then a day and Hitide Glassworks was born.

Below are our Collaborators!

Chris Hurley

Designer & Glass Smith


Glass Smith

Trevor Wolter

Glass Smith

Jason Turturici AKA JT

Glass Smith

Shaun Jappe

Glass Smith

Jacob Farley

Glass Smith

Andy Eggleston

Glass Smith

Taylor Lore

Glass Smith

Ben Fox

Glass Smith

Joe Dunbar

Glitter Ninja

Joe Windemuth


Adam Kistler

Glass Smith / Sales

Cooper Thomas

Web Sales